Partners Having A Zestful Experience

Welcome aboard and thank you for your interest in the PhaZe II Skate Crew!

Our crews were originally founded in early 2000s and are known as G.U.A.R. (Give Us A Reason) Skate Crew and Ebony Smooth Rollers (ESR) which host themed skate and entertainment events for patrons who support us. To name a few events, a full-blown Hollywood Red Carpet skate event where guest dressed as their favorite celebrity, performed Michael Jackson Thriller tribute on skates, hosted a Black & White Formal tie dinner/dance (off-skates) with members pantomiming various musical artists just for the pure fun, camaraderie and desire to entertain and party. Just give us a reason!

We, referred to as "the PhaZers" partnered up in 2011 with a focus on getting grown-folks back to mingling again with a purpose in combining a mixture of mature adult skaters, steppers, bikers and skiers that enjoy networking with grown-folks, share a passion for smooth free-style roller skating along with the food, fun and partying for almost any reason!

We are a non-profit, self supporting organization with a membership cap and a host of non-members. Our skate home is Rich City Skate (Richton Park) with the Crew meeting up on the 3rd Sunday of each month, (6pm Adult Session) and most Wednesdays (8pm), frequent the Rink (87th/Chicago) Tuesday (10am) and Glenwood on Sunday (10am), Monday (8pm) and Markham, Thursday (7:30pm). Check out the website for the regular rink PhaZers.

Perhaps you're not interested in joining the crew? Maybe you just want to hang out with us at our meet-up rollouts? Interested in attending our upcoming events catered just for gown-folks? Or, perhaps you haven't skated in a while and need a lesson or two? Before you make your decision, we invite you to come mingle and get your exercise roll on while getting acquainted with the crew.

If you would like to be added to our nonmember list for notifications of upcoming Events and PhaZout/Rollouts, please sign our Guest Book on our website.

If you are ready to indulge into PhaZe II Zestful experience, please contact us for our membership requirements and application.

In any event, we hope you are ready for some clean adult fun, meet some fun interesting people all while getting your exercise roll in. 

Feel free to send us an email at or call (708) 837-2653 or (312) 671-8573 to inform us about your visit so we can meet and greet you.

Welcome Aboard & Happy Skating!